Thursday Dodgeball Leagues in Oakland

RAD League offers Thursday (co-ed) dodgeball league in Oakland.

All levels of dodgeball experience are welcome!

          Thursday Co-Ed League

Thursday Nights

RAD (Co-Ed) League

Thursday co-ed draft league is coming back on July 25th, 2019! All teams will be selected via DRAFT method. That’s right, a SECRET draft. This helps to keep teams balanced and allows players to meet new people. Sign up as an individual or with a friend as a pair!

Please email if you’re interested in signing up as a captain.

 Here is the rundown…

  • 9 week season (7 regular season games followed by 2 week of playoffs)
  • 8 teams with up to 15 players each
  • Draft league – teams are selected by captain pairs

The gameplay…

  • Your team plays one each week
  • Matches last 50 minutes (starting at 7:15, or 8:25)
  • Subs must be substituting in place of a rostered player. Subs fees are $8.
  • No subs in playoffs
  • Playoffs are single elimination

We all head over to MadOak afterwards to continue the night with exclusive dodgeball drink specials. Must be 18 or older to play; 21 or older to go to the bar.